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“I started using the Eco Group NZ products in my house a year ago. They came highly recommended by a friend. I have found the products to be great. They are now my first choice from the many and varied range available on the market. They do what they say they will, are affordable and most importantly for me, are Eco Friendly.”
Greg Hoar Christchurch

“I am an electrician at a Geothermal Power Station. We consider ourselves to be an Eco-Friendly producer of electricity with a very minimal environmental impact and almost zero emissions.”
Darryl Jeffs Bay of Islands

“While on holiday in NZ I purchased a small 60 ml container of Eco Group NZ’s Odour Remover. I took this back to Perth and used it in the following way. In November we had a very smelly wheelie bin from nappies and other refuse. We tried a number of local products but could not remove the smell.”
Patricia Chipchase Perth W.A

“I was approached recently by Eco Group NZ to try some cleaning products in my home and at my work place. Their range of products given to me included a fantastic Citrus Cleaner Concentrate that I love and can dilute as required. I used to use sugar soap to get built up grease and scum off most surfaces. Citrus Cleaner was more successful at removing dirt and was kinder to use as I could dilute as required.”
Penny McKavanagh Auckland

“I had been using the Spray & Wipe All Purpose and have to say it is a fantastic product. Used mainly in the kitchen and bathroom – sprayed the glass shower walls after showering, plus the hand basins and mirrors. Sprayed the stainless steel kitchen bench, plus glass walls behind the kitchen bench and oven cooker. This area gets very greasy and after cleaning and always looks smudgy. Not now!”

Yvonne Southcombe Auckland

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About Eco Group

We are committed to producing high-quality sustainable cleaning products. Eco Group NZ meet stringent thresholds set by organisations such as Environmental Choice in New Zealand. Using nature’s medicine cabinet our products are scientifically created to care for the environment and nourish the skin.