About Us

Eco Group NZ Ltd was established in 2009. It is a family-run business based in Papamoa in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty.

We are committed to supplying our customers with high quality, eco-friendly cleaning products that are sourced from natural ingredients. We have a strong code of ethics in the running of our company and the manufacturing of our products. We will maintain a balance between economic success, protection of the environment and upholding our social responsibility (please see our Responsibility page for more details).

All our product development has been completed in New Zealand, assisted by a very qualified and respected chemist from Auckland.

Citrus Clean

“… found it (Citrus Cleaner) to be very effective in the breakdown of oils and grease products and easily washed away with water …”

Darryl Jeffs (Bay of Islands)

History of Eco Group

The company is founded in Auckland.

The decision is made to commence formulation of a “New Generation” of products in New Zealand. A target is that most products are expected to pass Environmental Choice standards.

Large-scale operations commence using an outsourced manufacturing complex in Auckland.

Manufacturing is moved “in-house”. The Environmental Choice approval process is commenced.

Environmental Choice
Eco Group is awarded the Environmental Choice Certification for an initial three products. Further products are to be submitted for certification in 2013.

Further products are awarded the Environmental Choice Certification.
Initial Export Order to United Kingdom completed.
Manufacturing operations moved to Bay of Plenty (Papamoa).

Glass and Surface and Bathroom and Shower added to the range with Environmental Choice Accreditation

Initial export to Ireland

Laundry Liquid Concentrate and Oxygen Cleaner added to the range with Environmental Choice Accreditation

  • MPI Approved C32 (All animal product except dairy)
  • MPI Approved C35 (All animal product except dairy)
  • Passed AsureQuality on a range of products.

Laundry Powder and Delicate Fabric Wash added to the range with Environmental Choice Accreditation

Dishwasher Powder, Hand Wash and Vehicle Wash are added to the range with Environmental Choice Accreditation

Eco Group NZ are manufacturers & distributors of commercial strength, sustainable cleaning products