About Our Products

Are your Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and/or Product Sheets available?

Yes. Material Safety Data Sheets can be viewed/downloaded by visiting the MSDS section of the Products page. Product sheets can currently be obtained by contacting us.

Are the products cost effective - historically these types of products have been priced above the cost of traditional cleaning products?

Yes, we believe them to be priced very competitively with traditional products because:

  1. Most can be diluted with water when required for use (eg with our Floor Cleaner 50 ml makes 5 litres of cleaning solution – enough for cleaning an entire house!)
  2. Be aware – different cleaning products have different dilutions and strengths.
Where did your development and formulation take place?

All our development has taken place within New Zealand with the grateful assistance of a very qualified and respected chemist.

What are the product fragrance details?

We only use fragrances when it is required; we use a local business that sources the best materials for our product range. We typical use a natural lemon verbena.

Can larger quantities be manufactured?

Yes, this is not a problem and generally price reductions are made for larger volumes. Please contact us with details of the quantities you require.

Are your products as effective as the older cleaners?

Yes, we believe they are.

We can provide samples as required for you to try them out for yourself. We also suggest you do some research using the following link: www.guardian.co.uk (Ethical and Green Living)

Are your products suitable for individual households?

Yes, Initially we are targeting the business and commercial sector. However, in practice it is difficult to distinguish and provide a true boundary between household versus business uses. We then welcome enquiries from the residential sector.

Can further information/brochures be requested?

These are available on request via email.

What is the definition of "concentrate"?

By definition a concentrate is a product that is very strong and so can be either be diluted with water before use; or simply a much smaller amount is required (such as with our Dish Wash Liquid).

As a small amount goes a long way, this saves on costs and packaging.

About Environmental Issues

What do you mean by sustainability?

Offering products and services today and in the future with little impact on the Environment.

Are the containers recyclable?

The containers that are used to hold the products are rated either “1” or “2” (International Standard) by our suppliers so they then can be completely recycled if required using the council facility.

As an alternative, we encourage reuse of containers and in most circumstances, a collection can be arranged.

Any packaging used contains 80% of recycled content and adheres to the Environmental Choice standards.

Are your products made from sustainable sources?

The ingredients used in our products are sourced using the best materials possible for the product. We aim to use plant and mineral materials and the products are constantly evolved as better alternatives become available.

What is 'Green Cleaning'?

The following is the definition provided by Wikipedia

About Health Issues

Are your products kind to your health?

The largest organ in the human body is one that is seldom top of mind when people think about their health – skin.

Cleaning Products are exposed to the skin during use or application.

While the use of cleaning chemicals has brought immense benefits to humankind, at the same time it has had some negative impacts on human health and safety.

The chemicals contained in older traditional cleaners can cause a whole range of health effects from numbness in the extremities and lung irritation to severe burns and neurological damage. Some chemicals and fragrances in cleaners can also cause or exacerbate asthma.

It is for this reason that we commenced a full development and formulation program in 2007 to create a totally new range on “Green Cleaning Products” supported by a recognised national accreditation “Environmental Choice“.

All our products are created from nature’s medicine cabinet – plants.

Our Products are both “Kind to your Skin” and “Kind to your Health”.